Rewind Review by Blues Matters Magazine

There are so many sound-alike young-generation type acts nowadays that it is very difficult to find a band that has the honesty and determination to put a new slant on things. Maybe these three have done just that with their take on blues-rock, with added rhythm and attacking vocals by Char1ie Wheeler, an awesome bass guitarist Dave Fink, and solid drummer Rad Akers. On this their third and best release, their first two releases were as a five piece outfit, but they are confident as a trio, bold and brash as the opening bars of bass infused Love Letter proves a taste of things to come. Produced and engineered by Anthony Brown, this is high-octane stuff. Title track is a particular pleaser, laid back infectious lyrics with downtown Southern style beat. Lead vocals are solid aggressive and on the Ghost Of Who You Were sardonic and sneering about growing old and reflecting on life generally very poignant, with snarling guitar work Makin Love In The Afternoon takes a funky groove on with notes of a difficult relationship this has a lazy guitar riff and soft vocals. I Like To Wander is a bit pedestrian compared to the driving guitar solo on Rivers Gonna Rise and swaggering vocals by a confident songwriter who wrote all twelve songs. The final track So Glad To Be Here is steady rolling consistent with flow of release definitely fills a niche in solid rock music.

Review by Colin Campbell

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