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Northern PA’s rock trio, the Charlie Wheeler Band, delivers rippin’ guitar jams that make their bad-ass live shows a high energy experience where fans party hard all night long. The band’s hard-driving, blue-collar soul music is reminiscent of the Black Crowes and The Allman Brothers Band, coupled with the blunt force of Pearl Jam. With lyrics that can at times be light, heavy, deep, and even funny, the band’s songs tell stories of life, love, and living life on the edge.

Hailing from a small town called Ridgway, PA, the Charlie Wheeler Band exudes a toughness that can only be cultivated in the working class environs from which they’ve emerged. Powered by the rhythm section of Rad Akers on Drums (Big Leg Emma) and Dave Fink on Bass (That Dog In Egypt), Charlie Wheeler describes the band as a “song first” type of band. Fans and critics alike appreciate the band’s balance of sharp songwriting, engaging vocals and skilled musicianship. With songwriting that is entertaining, even a little irreverent at times, the Charlie Wheeler Band never disappoints with a powerhouse show and sick guitar jams.

While expansive, improvisational jamming is a key component to their live show, their third album Rewind is a solid group of structured songs which allow Wheeler to tear into his vocal and lead guitar work with reckless, pent up hostility. Raves Lou Lombardi of Blue Rock Review, “While Charlie is a great guitarist and vocalist, what really makes Rewind work is the songwriting. Strip away the crushing rhythm section, smoking guitar work, snarling vocals, and we are left with a set of very beautiful and touching songs.” Michael Greenblatt of the Aquarian Weekly said of the album that he was excited to “find some good rock ‘n’ roll again after almost giving up!” The summer of 2016 promises a new release and touring up and down the East Coast and into the Midwest.


CHARLIE WHEELER BAND – “Blues Karma And The Kitchen Sink”.
“Quite a powerful rocking offering from The Charlie Wheeler Band that as a trio lack nothing. Their intensity and grittiness are engaging as much as they are relentless in their distinctive sound. Wheeler has a voice perfectly suited to the sound and feel the band strives for and as musicians they are fearless in that pursuit. All in all l was not sure what to expect with this album as The Charlie Wheeler Band are new to us, wow what a revelation they are when it comes to Rock/Blues. They outfit certainly embody just that. Might not appeal to the Blues aficionado but if you like your Southern Blues all wrapped up in rock then this is the outfit and the album for you. If you do desire this style then everything about this album is stunning. Congratulations guys, your playing is wonderful, Charlie you have a great voice and man you can write a song my man, you certainly can write a great song!!!!”
Peter Merrett, Melbourne Australia

CHARLIE WHEELER BAND – “Blues Karma And The Kitchen Sink”.
“Charlie has obviously listened to a lot of Hendrix. You can hear it strongly in the lurching guitar work, tempo, and melody of ‘Choir Of 1000 Angels’ and the riff and general approach and feel of ‘Flicker Away’, the soul tinged rock of ‘Love You The Same’ and the guitar work of the closing ‘Butterfly’..That’s certainly no bad thing in my book, and Charlie certainly does not overdo it. Indeed, when it is coupled with other tracks such as the spacious and memorable ‘Shiver’ and the straight ahead Americana tinged rock of ‘One Of These Days’,  the resulting album is  a real, no-nonsense winner. This blues-rocking trio is out of northern Pennsylvania and Charlie writes some good songs – try the coolly rocking ‘Never Can Tell’ or the indie-flavoured funk of ‘Love Gets In The Way’ – making this CD well worth the effort involved in tracking it down.”
Norman Darwen,

“What an outstanding blues-rock album this is! The tone is being set from the first note. The band work themselves into a sweat from that first note. Charlie Wheeler is ultimately convincing, both as a guitar player and as a singer.

Then add the fixed driving force of the rhythm-section (Dave Fink on bass and Rad Akers behind drums) and the sum of its parts is “Rewind”. The groove on the album reminds you of a combination of The Black Crowes and The Allman Brothers with a pinch of Pearl Jam. Nevertheless the band succeeds in presenting a unique sound. The lyrics show substance and depth; each song tells a story. “Making love in the afternoon” is a perfect example of a song to which many people can relate. In my opinion this third album of Charlie Wheeler [Band] truly deserves to be heard. Choice songs on this cast-iron album are “Rewind” and “Lady Luck”.”
Rudolf Music

There are so many sound-alike young-generation type acts nowadays that it is very difficult to find a band that has the honesty and determination to put a new slant on things. Maybe these three have done just that with their take on blues-rock, with added rhythm and attacking vocals by Char1ie Wheeler, an awesome bass guitarist Dave Fink, and solid drummer Rad Akers. On this their third and best release, their first two releases were as a five piece outfit, but they are confident as a trio, bold and brash as the opening bars of bass infused Love Letter proves a taste of things to come. Produced and engineered by Anthony Brown, this is high-octane stuff. Title track is a particular pleaser, laid back infectious lyrics with downtown Southern style beat. Lead vocals are solid aggressive and on the Ghost Of Who You Were sardonic and sneering about growing old and reflecting on life generally very poignant, with snarling guitar work Makin Love In The Afternoon takes a funky groove on with notes of a difficult relationship this has a lazy guitar riff and soft vocals. I Like To Wander is a bit pedestrian compared to the driving guitar solo on Rivers Gonna Rise and swaggering vocals by a confident songwriter who wrote all twelve songs. The final track So Glad To Be Here is steady rolling consistent with flow of release definitely fills a niche in solid rock music.
Blues Matters


Blues Karma and the Kitchen Sink – Preorder for release 10-7-16
Rewind – Available since 3-30-15








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