New Albume Review by Peter Merrett, Melbourne Australia

CHARLIE WHEELER BAND – “Blues Karma And The Kitchen Sink”.
“Quite a powerful rocking offering from The Charlie Wheeler Band that as a trio lack nothing. Their intensity and grittiness are engaging as much as they are relentless in their distinctive sound. Wheeler has a voice perfectly suited to the sound and feel the band strives for and as musicians they are fearless in that pursuit. All in all l was not sure what to expect with this album as The Charlie Wheeler Band are new to us, wow what a revelation they are when it comes to Rock/Blues. They outfit certainly embody just that. Might not appeal to the Blues aficionado but if you like your Southern Blues all wrapped up in rock then this is the outfit and the album for you. If you do desire this style then everything about this album is stunning. Congratulations guys, your playing is wonderful, Charlie you have a great voice and man you can write a song my man, you certainly can write a great song!!!!”
Peter Merrett, Melbourne Australia

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