The Green Wire and our Quest for Rebirth

Electricians have known for years that the only way to neutralize electrical current, is that green wire, called the “Ground Wire.” Grounding an electrical circuit makes electricity more safe, efficient, controllable and usable. We are all, as humans, just a bunch of walking, talking, working, eating, farting, stumbling, microcosmic electrical systems, in close proximity to six billion others of the same variety. It could be possible that the only thing keeping these currents from going haywire and sending us all into a state of simultaneous, spontaneous combustion, is the fact that our feet are physically touching the ground.

Just like you, I search the world. I long for something in my heart that doesn’t have a name, isn’t quantifiable or tactile and always seems just out of grasp. I’m not talking about the negative emotion of angst or about the fact that I don’t have all of the material things I want. Hell, I’m not really even talking about happiness. I am speaking more of the very necessary ambition to feel a solace in my heart, in real time, RIGHT NOW.

This cosmic quest has been written about by philosophers for eons. It seems to me that the easiest path to this type of freedom lies in our uniquely human endeavor to engage in activities that we can digest, in order to make our existence more interesting, spiritual, challenging, unique and above all else, connected. The digital age, (which, for better or worse, is the era in which we live), has produced the very unfortunate and unintended consequence of disconnection and disenfranchisement.

In order to scratch this un-itchable itch, most people turn to religion, money (or credit), sex, food, physical fitness, love, drugs, travel, reading, the Kardashians, etc., in order to “get their fix”. Occupy your mind to escape the mundane. It’s called trying to have a little fun in your life, right? It’s a beautiful thing.

Along with millions of others, my drug of choice is live music. Music created by the hands and voices of human beings.

When we go out to see music and go dancing, it is my belief that we aren’t going out to do either one of those things per se, but really to escape reality. To forget all that plagues us and have a few honest moments where we become the true form of ourselves.

At a show this past weekend, we finished a song and the place erupted with boisterous applause. At that moment, I happened to lock eyes with a guy at the end of the bar who seemingly had absolutely nothing on his mind, other than the musical experience we had all just enjoyed together inside that club. Grinning from ear to ear, he was absolutely, 100% focused on his current human condition, in the HERE & NOW. And his condition was good…really, really good.

Maybe our ground wire isn’t the physical connection to the earth, but maybe it’s the cosmic, cellular connection that we can feel for one another in our moments of solace. Maybe that is what grounds us, what connects us to each other, to the earth, to life, to nature. I’m not sure, but I have to go, because at this moment, I have to mow the grass, take out the trash, walk the dog…..

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